The NEW Yellowjacket 2000kv motors are 14-pole outrunner motors configured specifically for precise, low-speed (non-basher) scale and crawler truck needs.These motors feature a 37.4mm outer-diameter shell to supply plenty of torque while keeping the motor's overall length to only 28mm. They also produce a lower decibel count compared to similar products on the market, making them more friendly to run with others, and are equipped with a 3.17mm shaft for a better range of pinion choice. The Yelllowjacket outrunners are not meant for bashing or mudding. They will not accept full-on reverse to full-on forward inputs from the throttle (this is bad for any motor). The outer shell of the motor spins -- make certain NOTHING is touching the motor. Please keep all debris from entering the motor, as it is possible to lock the motor up from debris. It is advised to run at least a 20% punch control for your ESC settings. The Yellowjackets work best with Micro x, Mamba x, or SW4.Technical Specifications:* RPM(kv): 2000* 30mm x 8mm stator, 14-pole FB9 magnets* No-load current @7.4v: 1.2A* Max current: 32A* Battery: 2s-3s lipo* Dimensions: L28 x D37.4* Pinion shaft: L18 x D3.17* Mounting hole size: M3.0@25mm* Weight: 79g* Weight with wires and bullet connectors:* WATERPROOF

Yellowjacket 2000kv 14-pole non-sensored brushless motorhi