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 We are excited to introduce our new sensored motor for the SCX6. The all new BlackJacket is is designed specifically for low speed control on large scale trucks providing unmatched crawling torque. This 8s version is 860kv but has  crawling a massive amount of torque. You need to be careful with the power of this motor. Setting the slipper clutch is the safe way to go. On 8s it is almost twice as fast as the stock system but runs great on and 4s also. This motor is a direct fit on the stock scx6 housing and will also work with the Vitavon motor housing. It has a 5mm pinion shaft so the stock pinion gear will fit alsol


These motors will NOT work with the stock ESC. We only recommend the Castle Mamba monster X 6s, or 8s esc's. Also please use our suggested ESC settings to ensure the best performance and longevity for your motor.



* 50mm x 65mm D/L

* 14-pole sensored

* 430 grams

* 5mm pinion shaft

* 11.1vlt - 29.6vlt MAX operation voltage. (nominal voltage)


Suggested Castle ESC's:


SCX6 BlackJacket 860kv 8s. 14-pole sensored outrunner.

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