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This is the all new YellowJacket competition non-sensored brushless motor. Built from the ground up the new YellowJacket produces more power with less size and weight. This super light motor is also more durable than the previous versions thanks to optimal flux gap for high torque density. It has a much better ability to change directions without stalling. So much more durable that we are offering a life time warranty* on all the new YellowJackets! Used mainly in light weight comp rigs, however still plenty of power for 2 speed trail applications.


Diameter: 35mm

Length: 23mm

Shaft size: 3.175mm

Bullet size: 4mm

Weight: 71grams

Voltage: 2s-4s capable


* ESC PROGRAMMING: See pictures


* Lifetime warranty: We warranty our Yellowjackets for life with the orignial purchaser. This includes bearings, repair, water damage, or replacement regardless of how it happened. The motor must be non-functioning. We do not cover shipping the motor back to 3BrothersRC for repair. All repairs or replacements must be completed by 3BrothersRC.


Suggested Castle ESC:

YellowJacket 2100kv 4s

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