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Overland winch for your RC overland vehicle. Very strong, very reliable, and waterproof. This product includes a built-in controller, winch spool, 250lb cable. Hook is currently not available. It also comes with a JST solder-on connector; no-solder connector options available separately. Runs on a voltage range of 5vlt to 14.8vlt, for a true high-voltage winch. * Dead band: 2μs. 1520μs/330hz * Motor: Core motor * Operating speed (11.1)vlt: 0.13sec@60° * Operating speed (14.8)vlt: 0.11sec@60° * Stall Torque (11.1v): 290 oz/in * Stall Torque (14.8v): 350 oz/in * Dimensions: 40.5x20.2x40.3mm * Weight: 62g (2.19oz) Note: JST solder-on connector included; no-solder connectors available separately. No-solder connectors are for use only with single-battery applications; DO NOT USE with multiple-battery setup. Note: the winch servo power wire has to be unplugged when not in use. We recommend routing the power wire from the servo winch to the battery, so that when you unplug the battery, you unplug the servo winch as well.

Overlander winch package

  • Overlander servo winches come with a 90-day warranty against manufacturer defects. Water damage, rust, and damage from misuse will not be covered under warranty. Warranty claims may be made by original purchaser only.

    If you have a warranty question, contact us describing the problem. Be sure to provide name, mailing address, and telephone/email so we can follow up with you, as well as proof of purchase details. Customer is responsible for shipping the servo to 3BrothersRC in the event of inspection and repair.

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