Our KRATOS SIX 540 6-pole staggered-magnet rotor, 18-slot stator sensored brushless motors deliver unmatched control that competes with the best of the brushed motors but provides the reliability of brushless power. The result? The fastest-slowest motors money can buy.



* 540-sized sensored brushless motor

* 6-pole staggered-magnet rotor

* High-grade neodymium magnets for optimum power and effiiciency

* 18-slot stator

* New phase-magnet isolation design

* Heavy duty 5mm pinion shaft

* Gold-plated solder tabs, for low resistance / protection against corrosion

* Adjustable timing

* Billet CNC one-piece shell with end cap for durability and improved cooling.




Technical Specifications:

* RPM(kv): 1900                             

* Construction: 18s/6p                            

* No-load current@7.2v: 2.0A                                

* Operation voltage: 4.5v-16.8v                      

* Max current: 80A                                

* Max efficiency: 91%                              

* Max working temp: 302f                               

* Dimensions: L52 x D35.8                      

* Weight: 204.8g                               

* Pinion shaft: L15 x D5

* Battery: 2s-4s lipo                      



Wiring kit option: includes 12AWG silicon, high-strand wires, 4mm gold bullet connectors, and sensor wire with gold-plated connectors.

KRATOS SIX 1900kv 6-pole sensored brushless motor

  • Motors come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturer defects. Physical damage, rust, or operation outside the specified range will not be covered under the warranty.


    Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase from an authorized 3BrothersRC dealer. An individual submitting a warranty claim must ship their motor to 3BrothersRC at their expense. Upon receipt of the motor, 3BrothersRC will repair, or ship a replacement at no additional cost to the customer for standard shipping.

  • "I have never run anything so fast and slow. Top speed is way more than I was expecting. I am speechless on the low speed ability." Joshua, 3800kv


    "I am super excited. This motor is pure power but yet so smooth down low. Crazy great job." Josh, 3800kv