The all new G14 Direct-power servo ready to ship!! The G13 was very popular and the new G14 is better in every way. More power, more voltage, and stronger gears! It puts out a whopping 800oz on just a 3s lipo. Fully capable of 16.8vlts(4s) for even more power and speed! This incredible new servo is fully waterproof and ready for anything you can throw at it. G14 Dead band: 2μs 1520μs / 330hz Brushless motor Operating Voltage: 7.4V-16.8V Operating speed: 0.11sec/60° @ 12V Operating speed: 0.08sec/60° @ 16.8V Stall Torque: 59 kg-cm (800 oz-in) @ 12VS Size: 40.5X20X40mm Weight : 86 grams with servo horn.

G14 Direct-power servo IN STOCK

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