The new G12 is a lightweight coreless lightning fast 450oz servo. Also direct battery powered. Recommended for shorter crawler competition runs where quick speed and power is needed. Not recommended for Basher or Heavy scale applications. It only weights 2oz and uses all metal gears. Also compatable with the G13 and G11 gearset. Will operate on a voltage of 7.4vlt-14.8vlt. Please note that running 4s will reduce the life of the servo. Fully water resistant. Warranty: The G12 direct power servo comes with a 90day warranty against any defective part. Abuse such as rust, casing damage caused by abuse, or broken gears from abuse or not using a gear saver is not covered under warranty. If you have a warranty claim please contact us by email and we will promptly get you taken care of.


* Dead band 2qs 1520/330hz

* Motor Coreless

* Operating speed (11.1v): 0.10sec/60

* Operating speed (14.8v): 0.08sec/60

* Stall Torque (11.1v): 337.50 oz/in

* Stall Torque (14.8v): 450 oz/in

* Dimensions: 40.5x20.2x36.5mm

* Weight: 59g (2.08oz)

G12 (Hot Tamale) Direct powered servo.

25T HD servo horn, $5
No-solder connector