Back order. Please expect 3 business days before they are shipped on back orders depending on the number you are in line. Every week we are delivering at least 300 of these. And we are not running out. We will get you taken care of. . Limit 2 packages per customer, if you order more you will be put behind those with 2 packages or less. Thank you for your patience while we are trying to take care of everyone's orders.


Subscribe for exact time and day!Our new Anti-Foams are a waterproof tire insert option that will re-define the way we tune our crawlers! Now you are able to run a very soft tire that still handles superbly on side hills. The inserts have a very high tensil strength so they will not tear, and are completely resistant to water as well as hot and cold temperatures. They are the same in below freezing temps as they are in 100degree days. We will also be offering tuning rods, these ruberized rods are waterproof, and they can be used to precisely tune the inserts to your specific needs. DON'T think that you need a stiff tire any longer, these work great being very soft and allow the tire to grab ahold of rocks even better than ever, especially in wet conditions. They offer tapered edges to ease in mounting and increase contact pressures. Please order the exact size for your tire as they are a precise fit.


These are our new 4.19 anti-foams. 16 tuning rods included

(5 days back-order)Anti-Foams 4.19