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IN STOCK. This is our new affordable 2500kv 10-pole non-sensored brushless motor. 1st in the industry! This non-sensored version is very durable and completely element proof. Beat it, bash it, under water/mud -- it doesn't care. Unbelievable battery efficiency will keep you on the trail longer. All wiring included, this guy is ready to bolt in! 2500kv version is for those who run 2-4s only and want the best in speed, crawling, and low end torque. With its ability to run a 4s lipo which is the same speed as the 1600kv on 6s, or the 3300kv on 3s, it will get up and go if needed. Recomended to use smaller pinions. ESC Type: Castle Mamba X, Monster X, Micro X, SW4, Copperhead, or any silent esc or FOC controller rated for 10-poles or higher. Not compatable with older Castle esc's or Tekin esc's. Features:* 540-sized short-can non-sensored brushless motor* 10-pole ​​​​​​kevlar wrapped rotor * High-grade neodymium magnets for optimum power and effiiciency* 12-slot stator* 3.175mm pinion shaft* Billet CNC one-piece shell with end cap for durability and improved cooling.* runs under water with no issues. Technical Specifications:* RPM(kv): 2500* Construction: 12s/10p* No-load current@7.4v: 2.3A* Operation voltage: 7.4v - 14.8v* Max current: 120A* Max efficiency: 91%* Max working temp: 302f* Dimensions: L47 x D35.5* Weight: 164.8g* Pinion shaft: L15 x D3.175* Battery: 2s-4s lipo


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In stock! ACIS TEN 2500kv 10-pole non-sensored brushless motor.

  • Motors come with a 1-year warranty against all manufacturer defects. Physical damage, rust, or operation outside the specified range will not be covered under the warranty.


    Warranty claims must be accompanied by proof of purchase from an authorized 3BrothersRC dealer. An individual submitting a warranty claim must ship their motor to 3BrothersRC at their expense. Upon receipt of the motor, 3BrothersRC will repair, or ship a replacement at no additional cost to the customer for standard shipping.

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