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70 amp Silent Assassin Esc *newest version* with BEC.


This esc will make your outrunner or inrunner silent! Comp crawler or trail truck.

Only esc on the market that has protection, so you don't fry your direct power servo.

Comes standard with 2 jst plugs.

*70 amp esc. 5 amp BEC*3-4s capable input,auto detects the lipo cell count

*Thermal protection

*heat sink for those hot summer days*Low voltage protection

*AM32 firmware

*Sinusoidal startup

*Rpm lock

*8Lb weight limit,(with proper gearing, transmission and motor kv)

*Up to 2500kv on 4s, (10 pole)

*Up to 2200kv on 4s (14 pole)

*Up to 2500kv on 3s (14 pole)

*Works with outrunner or inrunner motors

*Built in servo protection

*Makes your outrunner/inrunner motor silent

**Backed by a 1 year warranty from date of purchase, as long as the esc hasn't been modified, unwrapped, jst wires/plugs cut off, severe misuse,or water damage**


Cutom programming:

Optional programmer to program yourself:

70 amp Silent Assassin Esc *newest version* with BEC and XT60

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