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The all new single-stage V2 4.75 Anti-foams. Our all new Anti-foams feature improved lateral support for side-hills, textured contact points for better grip to the rims and tires, a slow release compound that helps reduce bounce, much better venting, all in a incredibly detailed print like no other 3d printed insert before! This brand new 3d printing technology is the future of 3d inserts. Every print is made to perfection! No strings, no holes, no mis-prints, everything is near perfection! All of the design, technology, and material is developed here in the USA. Anti-foam design by 3BrothersRC.


The V2 inserts require an initial break in period of about 15 minutes, before they are ready to compete with.


They will develope flat spots when setting for long periods under the weight of a truck. However just a couple minutes of driving will eliminate any flat spots. And they will be back to normal.


Anti-foams are sold in pairs. (2 per package)

Tuning rods NOT INCLUDED>


Fits 1.9 and 2.2 rims

Made for 4.75" diameter tires.

Ideal weight without tuning rods is a 5-7lb truck

4.75 Single-stage V2 Anti-foams. (1 pair)

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