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These Dual-stage  Anti-foams are designed for 2.2 rims. They are 126mm diameter. Due to the inconsistancies of manufacturer specs on tires we can not state that they will fit every tire the same.


With 5.0 tire expect to have a tight firm fit and feel. 

With a 5.25" tire they should have normal dual-stage feel and action.

With a 5.4" tire they will be a lot softer and have a little bit of an air gap at the top.


They probably will not work with any smaller tire than 5.0" and no larger than 5.4"


Dimensions: 126mm x 40mm


Price includes 4 anti-foam tire inserts. Enough for one truck.

2.2 Dual-stage Anti-foams (126mm) **2-pair**. See discription

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