The 3BrothersRC Contingency Program is an opportunity to earn 3BRC Bucks redeemable at 


What is a contingency program?


It is a program that rewards drivers who place at select events using 3BRC servos and/or motors.

How does the reward program work?


For classes 0, 1, 2, and 3 of select events, the top 3 places using a 3BRC servo and/or motor earn 3BRC Bucks as follows:

  • 1st place = $50 3BRC Bucks

  • 2nd place = $30 3BRC Bucks

  • 3rd place = $20 3BRC Bucks. 

That is $100 3BRC Bucks posted for each of the above classes of a qualifying event!

3BRC Bucks will be earned on driver’s best finish in one class only, per event.

Which events qualify?

Qualifying events for the 3BRC 2019 Contingency Program include: RC4WD Zia Scale Nationals, KNK TTC6, and King of Gurus!  

To nominate additional events, contact Qualifying events should have a minimum of 10 drivers per class.

How does a driver qualify?

To qualify, drivers must register by sending an email to that includes the following information:

  • Your name and email

  • The name of the dealer from which you purchased the 3BRC product(s) you are running

  • The class(es) you will be competing in

  • Photo of 3BRC product(s) installed in qualifying truck(s)

  • Photo of no fewer than two 3BRC logos displayed on qualifying truck(s).

Registration deadlines: one day before the respective event date.

Program details subject to change without notice at 3BrothersRC’s sole discretion.